5 Reasons to Start Wearing Sexy Lingerie

The most basic reason to start wearing sexy lingerie is of course to feel sexy. Wearing sexy intimate lingerie can do wonders in the art of seducing your partner if you considering a frisky night. So here are five reasons that you should start wearing the same.

  • To feel sexy and confident – Societal pressure dictates women to dress and look in a certain way. Thus, it can be very easy to lose one’s confidence and succumb to this very pressure. Therefore, we think for ourselves that allow us to get that confidence back and wearing sexy lingerie can help us achieve that.


It is known to be to be great way to up our confidence level and at the same time our self-image. It makes us forget about physical imperfections that we so much focus on. You need to find some lingerie that is comfortable (the most important) and at the same time makes you feel sexy. It can bring out your inner goddess that you are

Sexy intimate lingerie can build your lost confidence as well as helps boost self-esteem too thus improving your mood in the bedroom too. Remember, sexy lingerie can only increase your self-confidence. There is nothing sexier than a confident you.

  • Fantastic and Playful – Take a cue from the movies where these starlets play flirty roles with a dash of being playful.  Dressing up in cute and flirty lingerie is a great way to step out of the daily routine and at the same time helps in spicing up your relationship with your partner.


Wearing sexy intimate wear is as fun as shopping for it. Buy costumes for role playing which is an awesome way to spice things up in the bedroom and a welcome change for the normal everyday you.

  1. Make your partner feel special – Wearing sexy lingerie is a fun way to make your partner feel special. Suppose you wear a red hot lipstick, a hairdo with a negligee thrown in. Your partner will know that you are doing this to make him feel happy. The bottom-line is that in a relationship when do things to make each other happy, it restores your sincerity, faith and importance in terms of intimacy of the same.
  2. Take a day off from your kids – Taking a day off from your kids means that you should bundle them off to their grandparents if possible for a night in with your partner. It is a great way to plan a special evening with your loved and a great time to bring out that sexy lingerie stashed at the inner corners of your wardrobe.
  3. Spoil yourself sometimes – The joy of shopping for lingerie is no different than your regular shopping i.e. to find a beautiful color, perfect pattern along with a great price tag is exciting in itself. And the joy of wearing them later on can give you goose bumps with anticipation. So, on splurge for yourself a bit. You will really love it.

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