7 Love Relationships Types: What’s Yours?

Sometimes, I would ask myself:”What is love? Is it truly exist?” As I looked through several blogs and website, I found the Triangular Theory of Love get my most attention.

Love, one of the desires that human has. However, no one can exactly define love. There are psychologists study human loving behavior and come out with Triangular Theory of Love by University of Wyoming Robert Sternberg. As the title tells, there are three main dimensions in the theory: Intimacy (connectedness, closeness & bondedness); Passion (attraction, romance & sexual consummation); Commitment (decision to maintain and stay in a relationship).

The theory further describes 7 types of love relationships where each and everyone will have different commitment or reach in either intimacy, passion, commitment and combination among it. The 7 types are:

  1. Consummate
  2. Infatuated
  3. Fatuous
  4. Empty
  5. Companionate
  6. Romantic
  7. Liking

Find the location and commitment to each relationship in the triangle below:

Now, you have the idea of what are the 7 types of love relationships so what’s next?

Find yours.

This is only a simple test and it does not fit exactly to all relationship. This is only referencing for to you check your status, the magnitude on the three dimensions (intimacy, passion, and commitment) will varies from case to case. Do adjust your relationship accordingly based on your adjustment.

Read the descriptions listed below and find the one suit you most.

  • 1. You still feel connected mentally and physically, but not always feel the romance as compared to before after being together for years.
  • 2. You have a very high need for romance and sexual interaction with each other, but still feel got gap mentally. You enjoy the moment right now and do not have any future planning or any long-term commitment.
  • 3. You have been married or living together for a period of time and still will speak your feelings of love to each other, but feel lost in mental, emotion and sexual connectedness.
  • 4. You feel love, connected and committed to each other either emotionally, mentally or sexually even after more than 6 years together.
  • 5. You have months of the relationship and although you feel you have become close and are connected emotionally, you have yet to become passionately involved or think about your future commitment.
  • 6. You feel love, high sexual desire, emotionally close and connected, however, have yet to discuss or decide any long-term commitment and any future plans to each other.
  • 7. You have been together for a while and are planning on staying together. You continue to maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life, but say you do not feel very closely connected where emotion is concerned.

Do not look at the match result before you get your description.

Listed is the result:

  1. Companionate Love
  2. Infatuation Love
  3. Empty Love
  4. Consummate Love
  5. Liking Love
  6. Romantic Love
  7. Fatuous Love

Remember, any love relationship should be easy and simple. No mind game, no secret and be yourself. Convey your message to your spouse when you have anything in mind, share and discuss together. Spend time and generate memories together, praise your spouse and go through every up and down together. Get connected in every aspect of life and develop your intimacy.

Ask yourself, ARE YOU HAPPY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP?? If nope, find the source of your problem, discuss and settle it. Then, start with the ways mentioned above to rekindle your marriage.

Information from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201308/which-the-7-types-love-relationships-fits-yours.

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