It seems like a norm to have someone at your side when we reach up to the certain age. We feel lonely when single, we feel sweet when in love bubble phase but what happens after love bubble period?

Some people manage to maintain the feeling of love for years but some don’t. The sense of love faded and replaced by the sense of responsibility. Struggling hard to live, put most effort to work and put less effort in relationship and family. When we do not put the effort into our relationship, intimacy depletes.

Before we go into intimacy, it’s important to know that be yourself and be honest are the key to maintain any relationship. Do not expect that your partner knows what you want and what you think, it’s an unconscious psychological game which is unhealthy in a relationship. It’s a tumor, you will not feel its harm in the early stage, but will become worse when it grows.

Why intimacy?

Intimacy is the gateway to yourself. It cultivates a deeper connection that barricades infidelity out of a relationship. Although our culture tells us intimacy should be natural and uninhibited, it’s not. It needs effort and practice to develop and maintain.

There isn’t a single person I know that doesn’t have some type of emotional scar from a past relationship. Sometimes these scars are small; other times they are so deep that they block us from deeply connecting with our partners in profound ways.

Intimacy challenges our deepest fears and insecurities. It makes many of us uncomfortable because it allows us to be truly seen. Scars and all. Being intimate is not for the light-hearted. It requires emotional development. It requires you to be independent and yet willing to be influenced by your partner.

However, true relationship goals achieved when you can reveal everything to him, gain full trust and rely fully to each other. How to know whether you are in a healthy relationship? The simplest way to know is simple: ARE YOU HAPPY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP?? That’s all.

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