Simple ways to rekindle your marriage

Marriage is a long term commitment relationship. You promise your partner that you will be true to him/her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, love and honer him/her all the days of your life. However, intimacy and spark between you and him/her depletes as time flies.

Marriage is precious but fragile. As mentioned in intimacy, every relationship needs hard work, effort and desire in order to maintain the feeling of love, but developing a sweet marriage is one of the best things you can do for the one you love.

You will face ups and downs in your work, same as to your life and your relationship. Through all the good and bad, maintaining marriage can be challenging but do not compromise. Take your move and continuous effort to find ways and romance to rekindle your marriage.

Here, we share some simple ways that you can try out to rekindle your marriage.

Prioritize your marriage/ listen and converse to each other. 

Put your family at first place. What your partner or family need is very simple: a simple time spend together, share thoughts and things you experience in your work place, show your care on them. All of these do not needs plenty of money or time. A simple sentence or a simple action will make them warm and make them feel the connection between you and him/her.

Eg. instead of resting on sofa after a long day work and let her busy with all the housework or cooking, you may go to her offering hands to help or share what you faced during daytime while she cooks. It may makes both of you feel awkward in the first place, but the connections will get better from time to time.

Go on regular dates/ make the most of your time together. 

If you have children and tight budget, having regular dates may seem difficult task as you are filled with your work schedule, kids’ activities and spouse schedule. The time for both of you falls only in night bedroom time. However, go on a date (just two of you) is a crucial step to spark and reconnect your relationship. You can fully focus on your spouse, show your care and love to him/her.

Discuss marriage goals and dreams/ support each other through difficult times. 

Some people say marriage is the combination of 0.5 + 0.5 = 1.0. As for me, this represent that two persons work together to make one thing happen. Everyone has their own dreams and desire. In marriage, it is necessary to reach consensus in marriage goals and dreams in order to allocate work/task to make it happens. Life there are time when its down. Growing and striving together during down time is another key in marriage as both of you can feel that you are connected/supported and working together to tackle problems and reach up to similar goals.

Give compliments freely/ keep romance alive.

Live can be dull without any romance effort and sweet sentences or actions. When there is lesser interaction, the connections and intimacy drops. Happiness can be easy, a simple pick up line or a bunch of flowers will make her smiles. Do not stingy on your compliments, say when you feel she is pretty or when you feel your spouse put effort to make romance or something else happen. Happiness will spread.

Try something new together/ do thing together. 

Our fast-moving culture tends to fill up every ounce of our time. Learn to slow down and priorities on your spouse. Experience joy, laughter, excitement and fun as you play or try something new together. All these experiences will accumulate and save as sweet memories in your lives. When there is happiness, less issues will happen.

Remember, a relationship and marriage should be easy and simple. No mind game, no secret and be yourself. Convey your message to your spouse when you have anything in mind, share and discuss together. Spend time and generate memories together, praise your spouse and go through every ups and downs together. Get connected in every aspect of live and develop your intimacy.

Ask yourself, ARE YOU HAPPY IN THIS MARRIAGE?? If nope, find the source of your problem, discuss and settle it. Then, start with the ways mentioned above to rekindle your marriage.

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