Want to be charm but no idea how to start?

Seeing others charm and envy on their beauty, sliminess and confidence??


Pop up with ideas to control calories intake or start an exercise schedule.

But ended giving up??

Have you ever feel that we are not determined enough to make the change into habits??

Here, we share some tips on How to change practices into habits??

Keep in mind that:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Sobering words from Aristotle.

There is no shortcut to attain success, especially physical and mental health success. It’s discipline that gets you from a stage to the better and higher stages.

I know it’s hard to change our current habits with a better one when you don’t have an urge on it. There are too many distractions and voices either from the environment or even from your inner devil that drag you back from making changes.

But think, and think deeply:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What do you wish?
  3. Being love or being hated by others?

Life only once, shine while you can. Time flies faster than you think, catch it before you lose it. SO, push yourself, motivate yourself and get your thoughts of changing into habits.

Make “micro quotas” and “macro goals”

According to self-determination theory, creating intrinsic motivators (motivated to do things with own wills, not through punishments or rewards) is the most crucial part in developing habits. Schedule a small changes (day-to-day activities, micro quotas), encourage/motivate yourself to repeatedly doing it and eventually you will reach your destiny/ your dream.

Create behavior chains

It’s always easier to replace our current habits with a better practice instead of develop a new habit. The key of making the change is that you need to be more specific on what you gonna do. For example, instead of “I will do exercise”, you can set “I will jog every Monday at 7am for 30 minutes”. So, the change is more doable and more practical. Another example, replace “I will eat healthier” with “If it is lunch time, then I will only eat meat and vegetables”.

Eliminate excessive options/ Make fewer decision

Change should start with a simple act instead of complex one as complexity will drawback our motivation to change. Have you ever faced situation where you have lots of options but ended up choosing the first option after considering for many others?

According to Kathleen Vohs self-control study  found that making repeated choices depleted our mental energy whilst according to the Harvard Business Review, if you want to develop and maintain a long term discipline, identify your needs and ‘routinize’ as much as possible. Both suggest to practice simple routine and thus you will have more focus on the changes that you want to develop.

Example: Barack Obama’s insistence on never wearing anything but blue and gray suits. According to the president, “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make too many decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Process plan (but don’t fantasize)

There is no shortcut in the route to healthy lifestyle. We need to have a detailed plan to achieve our goals. As mentioned in point No 2, it need to be specific in order to keep you motivated and practices make perfect.

However, some people will tend to fantasize about building a certain habit. As for example, we tend to schedule ourselves to exercise as much as possible in order to get the slimming effects as soon as possible. Where this overestimation caused overload/ exhaustment that will draw you back from continuing practice it. Therefore, the key word is Do Not Fantasize!

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